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 Shrenik Steel Corporation is a Specialist of Stainless Steel Bar Manufacturer. The unit is one of the professional suppliers and exporters of Steel pipes and tubes in India. We are offering a goods varying from Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Special Steel in the form of ERW and Seamless Pipes, Sheets, Plates and Coils, Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Welded Tubes, Round Bar, Flats, Angles, Stainless Steel Welded Pipes and Wire, all under one roof to meet the diverse requirements of worldwide buyers. We are a specialist Stockists and supplier of Carbon Steel Pipe, Flanges, Fittings and Valves.

We are serving a range of pipeline fabricators, in the oil and gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemicals industries. We are always focused on offering premium and high performance alloy steel fittings, carbon steel fittings and stainless steel pipe fittings solutions for small fabrication projects and large size turnkey projects. Our increasing lists of customers include domestic and international end user companies, international traders / distributors, as well as pipe fittings traders and suppliers based in India.

Our proficiency and long understanding in the field of Mechanical Engineering will support our clients to desire the right product with consistent sources and presumed vendors. Right choice of products at precise prices and on-time deliverance helps the contractors to control the price of material and evade delay in the completion of the projects.

What is Carbon Steel Pipe ?

Due to the nature like strength and durability, steel pipe and pipe fittings have been used for years in commercial construction, ship building and electric-power petroleum. By the process of heat treatment, or the accumulation of carbon, the steel can happen to still stronger. Though, heat treatment can decrease strength by the process of softening, increase strength with hardening or modify the material to receive optimal benefits.

Steel is considered to be Carbon Steel when no minimum content is specified or required for chromium, cobalt, niobium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten, vanadium or zirconium, or any other element to be added to obtain a desired alloying effect, when the specified is minimum for copper does not exceed 0.40 percent or when the maximum content particular for any of the following elements which does not go beyond the percentage noted manganese 1.65, silicon 0.60, copper 0.60.

S S Seamless Tube

What makes the Carbon Steel Pipe Suitable for Industrial Applications?

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Safe and Durable

Our offered Carbon Steel Pipe is extremely resistant to shock and vibration making it perfect to transport water and other fluid under roadways. The high-tensile strength in addition to its elasticity and ductility allow carbon steel pipes to be used safely under high-pressure conditions.

Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturer


Our offered Carbon Steel can be recycled. It does not lose any strength on recycling, though in the re-melt procedure steps must be in use to remove contaminants bringing it back to its original chemistry.

Stainless Steel Seamless Tube in gujarat

Versatile Material

These Carbon Steel Pipes can be made into many dimensions, by bending it to curve and fit anywhere they need to be. Further these carbon steel pipe fittings are hugely available in the market. Most of the technicians are familiar working with these carbon steel pipes.

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe in gujarat

Cost-Effective Solution

These provide Carbon Steel pipes have a long history dating back to before the industrial revolution as the preferred material for its high strength and low cost.

Different types of Carbon Steel Manufactured by Us

The types of Carbon Steel are classified according to how much the content of carbon has been mixed with the base of element, iron.

  • Ultra-high carbon steel is comprised of between 1% and 2% carbon.
  • High carbon steel is .60%-.99%
  • Medium carbon steel is .30%-.59%
  • Low carbon steel is .16%-.29%
  • Mild carbon steel is .05%-.15%

Why Should the Customers Choose Us

Shrenik Steel Corporation is recognized to be the best for the below mentioned detail:

  • Prestigious Stockists
  • Multi-national / Diverse Company
  • Trustworthy and Prominent
  • Competitive in Securing Good Business
  • Reliable Partner With Customer Satisfaction Mindset
  • For Delivering the Quality Products
  • Value Added Services

Various Applications of Carbon Steel Pipes

The below mentioned are the industries across the variety using the carbon steel pipes in various forms and sizes. Buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, automobiles, machines and appliances are all made from steel.

  • Transporting water and waste water underground
  • Transporting sewage
  • Steel scaffolding and building foundations
  • Transporting oil & gas
  • Boiler and condenser tubes, transport steam
  • High-pressure applications
  • Chemical processing
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