carbon-steel-pipes in Germany

Shrenik Steel Corporation is one of the most prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of a wide range of Carbon Steel Pipes based in Germany. Stainless steel pipes are economical way for conveyance of liquids intended for high temperature compare to shipping by rail road. They are highly useful in industries like Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and gas, Fertilizers, paper and pulp, water treatment facilities, Dairy, Furniture etc.  Our service provider is one of the leading companies of very reliable Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturer in Germany.


Our products are extremely popular in several industries in the cities of Germany such as Berlin, Bermen, Hanover, Cologne, Frankfurt, Koblenz, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, etc. Many of the German States supported industries and promoted a self-reliant economy. Heavy industry grew and developed after the German merger.


  • Transporting oil & gas
  • Steel scaffolding and building foundations
  • Transporting sewage
  • Transporting water and waste water underground
  • Boiler and condenser tubes, transport steam
  • Chemical processing
  • High-pressure applications



Hamburg Stuttgart


Bochum Munster Chemnitz



Hagen Oldenburg Bottrop
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