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We believe self-important to bring in ourselves as one of the foremost producers and providers of Non Ferrous Metals. Our obtainable product is produced by means of greatest evaluation machinery and current technology under the management of accomplished qualified. The obtainable product can be modified with a range of sizes, designs and stipulation as per the requirement of our customers. To distribute qualitative product to our customers, this product is tested on more than a few quality limitations. Accurate from Brass Strips, Brass Coils to Brass Ingots and Bronze / Gunmetal Ingots we supply a large variety of quality non-ferrous metals. Our contributions characterize uniqueness and robustness for they are manufactured with the finest raw material and have been processed at our advanced manufacturing units.


We can produce the best quality of product with the use of excellent quality materials. Non-ferrous metals contain solitary priceless benefit greater than ferrous metals, which is that they are very corrosion and oxidation resistant because they do not have any iron content in them. Therefore, these materials are appropriate for greatly acidic environments such as liquid, chemical and manure pipelines. Non-ferrous metals are also non-magnetic, which construct them appropriate for a lot of electrical and electronic purpose. Our company can be provided the reasonable price for our excellent product and customer’s satisfaction is our main goal. As solitary of the biggest non-ferrous metals manufacturers, the brick and coils are manufactured by means of highly developed technology with unremitting casting appearance. We have the ability to manufacture more than 16000 Mt. /year. Our unremitting casting technique, which is the greatest and the most dependable technique of manufacturing excellent products, guarantees a luminous exterior finish and wonderful homogeneity of our wide-ranging products at intense metals.

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